Dione Taylor
e-newsletter #10
December 2008
In this issue: Dione Taylor's CD "I Love Being Here With You" is released in Japan. Dione will be performing a very special Christmas concert in Tokyo. Dione is recipient of an award from the Governor General of Canada's Performing Arts Awards Mentorship Program. Dione receives a Gemini nomination!
The pursuit of happiness is as old as time. Some people feel that happiness can only be found in passing moments. Others feel that it is possible to be in a constant state of joy. Some people find it hard to describe what exactly happiness is.
I believe that it's important to surround yourselves with people who truly love and believe in you and who will propel you above and beyond your wildest dreams. When you are loved and shining as bright as the sun I know you will feel true happiness.

Much Love,

Dione's CD "I Love Being Here With You" was officially released in Japan on November 19, 2008.
Dione will perform a very special Christmas concert in support of her release at the Bunkamura Orchard Hall in Tokyo on Saturday December 20.
This will be Dione's second concert in Tokyo this year!

Governor General of Canada Performing Arts Awards logoOttawa - The National Arts Centre (NAC) is delighted to announce that distinguished jazz legend Oliver Jones has chosen to mentor Dione Taylor, an extraordinarily talented young singer, through the Governor General's Performing Arts Awards Mentorship Program.
The program allows Governor General's Performing Arts Awards recipients, who have received their country's highest honor in the arts, the chance to give back to the next generation of artists. Mr. Jones received the Governor General's Performing Arts Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement in Popular Music in 2005.
The Mentorship Program, a partnership between the Governor General's Performing Arts Awards Foundation and the NAC, is designed to benefit emerging to mid-career artists. While numerous mentorships exist to support emerging artists, talented professionals in early to mid-career often find themselves in need of an infusion of creative guidance and could benefit from a national showcase opportunity. The Mentorship Program serves as a creative catalyst and as an investment in future Canadian artistic achievement.
"I'm so happy to be able to work with Dione and offer what guidance I can to such a sparkling young talent," Mr. Jones said. "I feel honored to have the chance to work with her and to perhaps play some small part in the growth of her career."
"It is an honor to receive this award and to get the opportunity to work with Mr. Oliver Jones. Mr. Jones has contributed so much to the music industry and is part of such a wonderful tradition that I so deeply respect," Miss Taylor said.
In addition to receiving coaching and career advice from Mr. Jones, Ms. Taylor will also perform at the Governor General's Performing Arts Award Gala on May 9, 2009, and will receive an honorarium.
"The National Arts Centre is proud we can help able provide these kinds of opportunities that allow Canadian artists to benefit from the gifts and experience of some of Canada's artistic icons," said Peter Herrndorf, NAC President and CEO.
The Governor General's Performing Arts Awards are a celebration of excellence that introduces Canadians to new artists, raises awareness of achievements in varied disciplines, and invites Canadians to applaud the performing artists whose passion moves, entertains and inspires. Bell has been the Founding Sponsor of the Awards since 1992.

Dione's performance of Oscar Peterson's "Hymn To Freedom" at the Canadian Songwriter's Hall of Fame Gala: Words To Music alongside Oliver Jones receives a Gemini nomination.

"What an honor it was for me to perform this important song that is still relevant today. That performance was magical."
~ Dione Taylor
Watch the Gemini nominated performance right here!
Recognized as one of Oscar Peterson's most significant compositions, Hymn to Freedom was written in 1962 and swiftly embraced by people the world over as the anthem of the Civil Rights Movement. For inspiration, Peterson drew upon various church renderings of Negro spirituals recalled from his childhood in Montreal. He aimed to maintain the unadorned, yet poignant quality of these early Baptist hymns while composing the beginning chorus of Hymn to Freedom. Upon its completion, Peterson and Granz decided that lyrics would complement the music and contacted Malcolm Dodds, composer, arranger and choir director of The Malcolm Dodds Singers; a backup group for many popular artists of the day. Dodds turned to his collaborator Harriette Hamilton, who had been writing lyrics for the choral group's original compositions for several years. According to Hamilton, "All the lyrics had to do was express in very simple language the hope for unity, peace and dignity for mankind. It was easy to write."
With Peterson on piano, Ray Brown on bass and Ed Thigpen on drums, the trio recorded the piece on Night Train (Verve 1962), which became one of their most commercially successful albums. Critical acclaim moved Peterson to record Hymn to Freedom on several albums that followed.

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